Thursday, February 25, 2010

going green

I LOVE to decorate for holidays...OK, let's face it, I LOVE to decorate. period.
BUT, I do not have that much stuff for " the wearin 'o the green" least I THOUGHT I didn't have that much stuff..
It's amazing what can happen when you incorporate a "few" key pieces, and just add whatever else works.
SO, this is what I came up with...
I added this green plate (shhh, don't tell it's plastic!) to my L U C K blocks, tied a ribbon onto the plate rack, found some candles and some potted grass (LOVE potted grass) and, I think it turned out pretty cute!
a couple of shamrocks, and a green ribbon tied to my plant
again, 1 holiday item, some grass, and a ribbon.

simple, and festive...and I'm not even Irish! :)

cheap and easy wedding gift idea!

so, my husband is a High school coach, and we get invited to A LOT of weddings! I came up with an inexpensive and personal gift idea! (no I did not invent the plate, or the vinyl lettering...or even putting the two together) but this is what I do...
1. plate (any color) I like black cause it's pretty neutral
2. have your vinyl lady ( we all have a vinyl lady, dont we?) take couples last name, year married, and a fancy scrolly thing ( yes that's how I described it to her when I order it...and she is great, and this is what was designed...) If you don't have a vinyl lady...I'd be happy to share mine...e-mail me, and I'll get you HOOKED up!
3. Clean the plate
4. peel backing away from vinyl, center, press vinyl down on plate, and then slowly peel away paper...
buy a cute plate rack, and there you have it...a nice wedding gift..less than $7 total!

I bought my plate at Taipan Trading on clearance for $.54, yes, I bought ALL of them, my plate rack was $3.00, and the vinyl, $3.00.
Oh, and then maybe clean the plate again...before you take a picture, or give it away...oops:)!
Quick, easy, AND personal!

laundry room pick me up!

remember this?

and this?

and this?

My laundry room before

well this week, I did this...

and this

I have been wanting to add bead board in my laundry room since...well, since we moved in...4 1/2 YEARS ago! and I FINALLY got it done! WOOT!

I'm contemplating adding it to the sides of the bench...but that was not the original, we'll see. I'm also thinking of doing a brown glaze over the top of the green...what do you think?

Now I really like it in there...calming, soothing...and now I even want to go in there AND do the I've noticed I'm even doing better at keeping it clean...which...BONUS!

total cost: bead board: $15 Lowes

Paint: 1 gallon Olympic Semi gloss $15 color: Guacamole (I didn't even get the good stuff, cause I new it wouldn't get much "traffic" And I have mmmm, pretty much a gallon of paint left to use somewhere else!

All the other decor, I just stole from other places in my house!

Oh, and I did buy a rug from wal-mart on clearance: $10!

just a girl

Saturday, February 20, 2010

well, here it goes!

I just decided to jump on know feet first, with both eyes closed! I have wanted to start doing a blog about the things I love (besides my family one) that I could use as a way to "journal" the fun things I 've done! I'm not a pro, I don't claim to be, but I love to take something ugly and make it great, I love to bake, and make something yummy. I'm sor of a diy'er on a budget. I love decorating, scrapbooking, baking, cooking, and well pretty much Martha Stewarting (my own way) I hope you enjoy a little peek into my delights!