Monday, March 1, 2010

Bathroom decor on the easy!

One of my favorite ways to decorate a bathroom is with TOWELS!
I mean, you have to have them in there anyway...they might as well be good for something, well other that their obvious purpose! :) Here are a few ways I have used towels, to bring in color, and my favorite...texture!
This is my master bath counter...1 bath towel, some hand towels, and a few washcloths...Oh, and a green bush...just stuck in there!
OK, I stole this picture from my mom's house...she is a GREAT decorator...and since our colors are the same...
this is the view across from the ribbon on towels...well if they are just the "decoration" kind!
this is in my half bath...I love the toilet paper in the basket...may seem funny, but I know if a guest uses that bathroom...there will ALWAYS be toilet paper, AND, they won't have to look under my sink to find it! SA-WEET!
same bathroom...just hung some on the knobs! Why in this picture are my reds such different colors? They really aren't...
And this is one of my favorite ways... just plain and simple on a peg board! This is my girls bathroom, and they can use their towel, AND hang it back up without much fuss, which is good for me, cause yes, I am a little OCD when it comes to having things look neat and tidy! hey, at least I admit...and Oh, I admit it!
and there...the back of this toilet didn't get left out either...are you noticing a trend?
that's all.


Anonymous said...

I love what you have done with towels. All such simple ideas, that really make a big statement. And yes, there something we already have, it's all in how we use them!

hugs, Natalie

Kimberly said...

great ideas! new to your blog...found you thru the red barn!

Jenglamgirl said...

dido~ I love towels, especially new soft plush fresh ones! Love your bathroom with the black and green! SO SO CUTE! where in UTAH do you live? Have a great day Amber, JGG!

Kimberly said...

Hi Amber, thanks for joining my blog. Yes my eye is better, thank you! I am not sure what is was from - it just appeared one day! It has taken about 5 days to get better though. I am going to the eye doctor today! I haven't had my eyes checked in years!! I think it might be from eye strain....I think I am on this computer blogging too much!!

Amy Jo said...

Your girl's bathroom is adorable with the towels in the bucket! Do they seriously leave them alone in there?

Lesley said...

Hi Amber- I saw your recent comment on Kathryn's blog and couldn't figure out who it was until I 'clicked' on your name and saw that it was you. I hope you don't mind me dropping by... I love your decorating blog, I moved into a new home nearly 18 months ago and I still have much to do in the decorating department. I especially enjoyed this post... I have a half bath that I haven't done a thing with, your ideas are the best I've seen yet. Thanks for sharing :-)

Lesley Leger

Paulo Trindade said...

This is so wonderful, I would never have the nerves to create as many invitations, even if it was for my own wedding! It looks fantastic!
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