Tuesday, March 30, 2010

little change, big impact!

forgive my before pic...I didn't think this would be a pic I would post when I took it, but here it is anyway!

a little drab and "plain" don't ya think?
well not anymore...thanks to some new pillows!

still have color, but now there is a little "pattern"  and some texture!  all for about $20!  my sweet sis-in- law made me the green pillow covers, and I just used my plain green ones underneath, and the striped ones are from Taipan...$6.49 each!  I think that's pretty good for a pillow, and they have ALL my colors!
I like little changes that make a big difference!  Now I just gotta paint that wall!

side note:  after I published this...I thought it was funny that my "drab" picture was so bright...and my new and improved pic was kind of dull...sorry, still trying to figure out good picture taking skills! LOL!


Teri said...

It looks great! Crazy how such a little change can have such a big impact! :)

Jenglamgirl said...

So pretty love the colors! Love all the details on your coffee table... so cute! ;) Jenn

Michelle said...

That does look better with just a little bit of print. I label you the queen of board and batten. I love all your posts using that technique. Makes me want to do it throughout my house!

Kimmie @ live fancy. said...

LOVE it!

The Faveros said...

I love the colors you used in this room!! So fun and bright!!!

Craftify It! said...

I LOVE the green you picked in these pillows!

House of Smith's said...

Um... is it okay to say that I LOVE the before AND after?
I love your style!
And I'm thinking that I TOTALLY need to have a bloggy girl, massive shopping trip, here soon! What do ya think?

rebecca @ older and wisor said...


InnovativeMom said...

Just found your blog, very cute! I love the art on your living room wall!!! And as far as picture taking goes, I am no pro either ;^) but I always use www.picnik.com (no this isn't an ad lol) and pump up the exposure and saturation of the pic, it's easy once you get the hang of it (and it's free, sweet!) Hope that helps a little! Happy Blogging!!!

Joanne said...

I like how the extra pillows cozy up the space. I too often have before pictures that are brighter and of better quality than my afters. I've got to work on my photography skills.