Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Easy board and batten in a bathroom!

Really, last board and batten post for a while..PROMISE!....at least until I do another one! :)
This is my girl's bathroom, it's in our basement, and it has a ledge...I know, kind of weird, but what do you do...SO, I wanted to do something with it, and I thought board and batten on this one little wall would be simple, and it was. This was my very first go at b&b. I just used regular old mdf... for my baseboards, vertical slats, horizontal piece, and then another mdf to finish it off as the shelf at the top.
The ledge makes it a pain to hang towels...I've thought about just putting some hooks right on the top board, but I'm not sure if the wall is tall enough...for now, a hook on the back of the door works fine.
I used a finish nailer (cause I had one), but a project on this scale could easily be done by just using small finishing nails, caulk it, paint it and you're good to go. If I remember right, about $15 to do this project...not counting paint.
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Teri said...

It looks beautiful! :)

The Smith Family said...

I love this! Looks great! What a fun new wall!
Thanks for stopping by my blog!
And, you can see what I did with the wall above the sink... here

Shelley Smith

JeriDee said...

The more I see of this the more I WANT IT in my home. So, more ? Do you prime everything then put it all up and then paint it the final color, or are you painting everything the final color before you put it up on the wall and just do the touch up?

Mandi @ Finding Home said...

Love it! We just did b & b in our entranceway. I'm painting it up today. Now I want it all over my house. :)